R3 Assessment

R3 Assessment


"As today’s priority is to meet climate change challenges, all property stakeholders have a responsibility in the usage of space.
Together, we can build sustainable real estate." (Pieter Hendrikse, Chairman of the Green Rating Alliance 2012/2013)



The Green Rating Alliance is a not-for-profit association bringing
together leading real estate owners & investors, auditing companies,
industry bodies, measurement organisations and technology solution
providers from across Europe. Launched in March 2011, the founding
members include AEW Europe, Allianz Real Estate, AXA Real Estate,
GE Capital Real Estate Europe, CBRE Global Investors, KanAm Grund,
LaSalle Investment Management and Bureau Veritas.


As well as sharing knowledge and best practices at European and
country level, the Green Rating Alliance is focused on using and
enhancing Green Rating assessment tools and benchmarking platform
in order to make a real positive change in commercial real estate assets
and portfolios.

The Vision

To be the recognized global leader in the commercial real estate sector for shaping emerging ESG factors, and setting global standards that assure  materiality for the industry.

The Mission

To serve our members as well as the commercial real estate sector by shaping ESG  strategies to be material, and to set the global benchmark for “best-in-class” reporting, integrating reliable data methodologies that are streamlined and economically viable.

The Value

Trust is the value that the Alliance delivers to the commercial real estate sector.  As a not-for-profit peer group of leading real estate investors and managers engaged in thought leadership and knowledge exchange, the market relies on the GRA to stay focused on ESG materiality that matters.