Green Rating ™

Green Rating

A benchmarking and decision-making tool

To date, the Green Rating certified auditors have assessed more than nine million square meters of office, logistics and retail assets in more than 14 countries.

"The Green Rating Tool is a cross-border tool which enables the comparison of factual and standardized properties of environmental information. It has become part of our decision-making process to acquire, manage or dispose properties." (Olivier Catusse Managing Director at KanAm Grund)


Designed by and for commercial real estate property managers, the Green RatingTM tool offers a pragmatic and cost-effective approach to assessing, benchmarking and decision-making based on six environmental criteria and four levels of performance.

The results are tangible in monitoring and improving sustainability performance of existing buildings.

 A unique rating system delivers:

  • Third-party assessment
  • Consistent methodology across Europe
  • Six indicators (energy, carbon, water, transport, waste, wellbeing)
  • Intrinsic performance (based on building fabric and systems)
  • Actual performance (based on actual consumption and operational practices)
  • Assessment of all properties at both asset and portfolio level
  • Quantifiable recommendations for improving performance
  • Benchmark of building stock through a consistent database
  • Screening portfolios and defines priorities for action
  • Communication of asset performance between landlords and tenants (Green Leases) and between buyers and sellers

Green RatingTM tool is complementary to various green label and certification schemes:

  • Assessing all properties whereas other green certifications tend to be used to reward “best-in-class” properties, in a "pass or fail" approach
  • By consistently assessed data, Green Rating ToolTM allows environmental performance benchmarking and progress monitoring
  • Universal, the Green RatingTM  tool can help screen an asset portfolio to prioritize required action and select showcased assets for potential green certifications

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The Vision

To be the recognized global leader in the commercial real estate sector for shaping emerging ESG factors, and setting global standards that assure  materiality for the industry.

The Mission

To serve our members as well as the commercial real estate sector by shaping ESG  strategies to be material, and to set the global benchmark for “best-in-class” reporting, integrating reliable data methodologies that are streamlined and economically viable.

The Value

Trust is the value that the Alliance delivers to the commercial real estate sector.  As a not-for-profit peer group of leading real estate investors and managers engaged in thought leadership and knowledge exchange, the market relies on the GRA to stay focused on ESG materiality that matters.