Measuring Materiality

Measuring Materiality

Knowing what to measure was only the beginning

 As real estate investors, owners and managers, we can all agree on the imperative role we must play in protecting the environment, while implementing the right social policies and governing our businesses to the highest standards.

We now know what is material to measure, track and monitor in our sector of ESG dimensions.

Our challenge today is finding and implementing solutions that are cost effective and reliable. We need methodologies that streamline the process of collecting data across complex multiple assets, and global portfolios.

Having the right tools was inevitable

The GRA has not only played a role in shaping ESG factors to ensure materiality for the sector, it has developed methodologies and tools that deliver solutions.

Launched in 2011, the Green Rating methodology has provided a pragmatic and cost effective approach that has now become a part of the decision-making process to acquire, manage or dispose of properties.

In 2016, GRA delivered the R3, Responsible Real Estate Rating tool in answer to the challenges faced by property teams who are required to track, monitor and report on environmental materiality across complex portfolios. With R3, data is even directly feed into GRESB and PRI reporting requirements.



The Vision

To be the recognized global leader in the commercial real estate sector for shaping emerging ESG factors, and setting global standards that assure  materiality for the industry.

The Mission

To serve our members as well as the commercial real estate sector by shaping ESG  strategies to be material, and to set the global benchmark for “best-in-class” reporting, integrating reliable data methodologies that are streamlined and economically viable.

The Value

Trust is the value that the Alliance delivers to the commercial real estate sector.  As a not-for-profit peer group of leading real estate investors and managers engaged in thought leadership and knowledge exchange, the market relies on the GRA to stay focused on ESG materiality that matters.