ESG in RE "Taking the lead"


Beyond the Environmental impact that has played a front and center role in meeting “green-rating” standards, commercial real estate investors, owners and managers are increasingly faced with the challenge of having the right Social and corporate Governance policies in place to manage their businesses to the highest standards.

Today, the GRA is taking the lead in shaping ESG factors for the sector to ensure that they are focused on materiality that matters.

When it comes to meeting both regulatory and voluntary reporting requirements, the GRA is delivering best-in-class methodologies that support both a streamlined and cost effective process.

Delivering solutions.

The Vision

To be the recognized global leader in the commercial real estate sector for shaping emerging ESG factors, and setting global standards that assure materiality for the industry.

The Mission

To serve  members as well as the commercial real estate sector by shaping ESG factors to be material, and to set the global benchmark for “best-in-class” reporting, integrating reliable data methodologies that are streamlined and economically viable.

The Value

Trust is the value that the Alliance delivers to the commercial real estate sector.  As a not-for-profit peer group of leading real estate investors and managers engaged in thought leadership and knowledge exchange, the market relies on the GRA to stay focused on ESG materiality that matters.